Meet the innovators behind your Tuna.

Shaun Hautly, VP Environmental Sustainability
Shaun is a founding member of BathtubTuna and a true vigilante for going green. He's overseen the BathtubDiesel™ initiative as well as the food salvaging project. He loves finding new thinkers and innovators who are ready to bring the impossible within reach.

Jon Becker, Director of Operations
Jon is a founding member and helped overcome the largest of obstacles in 2010 when we went from prototype to scale. His ability to solve operational problems is solely behind the success of the program. Jon's keen eye for opportunity keeps BathtubTuna growing and moving forward everyday. 


Andrew Wilson, Community Manager
Andrew came on board with a background in hospitality. He's been the driving force behind the generous partnerships which benefit our Farmers. Andrew fights everyday for the simplicity of the Farmer experience and the betterment of our community.

Joshua Dillon, Director of Human Resources
Joshua's passion for people keeps our staff strong and enthusiastic. His propensity for team building is at the root of our success. We owe our office atmosphere, and therefor our community atmosphere to him. A happy crew is a productive crew, and we owe ours to Josh.

Erin Torgerson, Director of Ecosystem Standardization 
At the end of the day, people are going to eat our tuna. Subtleties in food composition and water makeup have profound effects on the taste of each fish. In a program with high potential for variance, Erin keeps our tuna consistently happy and delicious. 

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Allison Gray, Partnership Director
Allison oversees the management of all the spokes in our ever-growing wheel. She manages relationships with all of our partners for the BathtubDiesel™, Food Salvage, and logistical programs. Her diligence keeps our industrial integrations flourishing and informed.

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Dr. Robert Pampel, VP Marketing & Communications
We have a complicated program. Robby's expertise helps keep our message concise for the public. He oversees all marketing and public relations. Crafty with a pen, Robby keeps our program digestible and transparent. 


Danny Elfanbaum, Technology Director
The software behind managing hundreds of volunteer farmers and fish is cumbersome. Danny's passion for technology keeps everything online and underwater. He also helped develop the code behind our filtration process. He's handy with a keyboard (and plays piano).

Ben Lyons, VP of Aquatic Distribution
We transport aquatic life and supplies to and from our farmers' homes and between our processing facilities. We have over 20 vehicles traveling over 370 routes each week. Ben makes sure that everything arrives safely and on time.