Bombas Socks Keeps Farmers’ Feet Fresh

Urban farmers often don’t have the luxury of walking through the fresh grass or on the soft earth that pastures provide. Our tuna farmers spend most of their time on tile and concrete. In the first three years of our program, foot fatigue was the most common feedback we received from our community of farmers.

Robby Pampel, our VP of Marketing and Communications, commented, “Early on, people were really struggling. These were people-- restaurant servers, construction workers-- who were passionate about tuna and used to being on their feet, but farming proved to be a bigger challenge. Blisters, bruises, stubbed toes, even a few bites from a particularly feisty fish. We needed a solution that would keep them safe, but not diminish their productivity.”

Two of our farmers from New York approached us with a suggestion. They work full time for Bombas, a sock company with a unique mission. They offered to supply each farmer with four pairs of socks to help relieve the stress on their feet. Very quickly, our most common feedback shifted to praise for the socks!

Bombas is no stranger to donations. For each pair they sell, they donate a pair  of socks to those in need. They work with homeless shelters and charitable organizations all across the country to distribute socks, which are the single most requested item at homeless shelters.

And Bombas are not just “regular socks.” They spent years designing and engineering their socks to outperform “high-end” socks without being overpriced. Careful attention to the materials, innovating stitching, and rigorous testing all came together to create the perfect sock for athletics, leisure, farming, and Netflix.

For more information about Bombas’ giving or to get your own pair, visit their website: