Q: When is the soonest I can begin with the program?

A: We've recently finished our beta tests with 120 farmers just like you. We're beginning to roll out full deployment of our system, but we are growing slowly and carefully to ensure the health and safety of our farmers, tuna, and consumers. Please fill out our application and be patient as we build our community with care and love.

Q: Will I be sad when you take my tuna away?

A: Like any farmer, you should love and respect your animals. Knowing that we're all a part of the same ecosystem and serving each others' lives with our own is the responsibility and privilege of any farmer. Know that your tuna's life is a net benefit to the community and to the proliferation of the species.

Q: Does it cost anything to be a farmer?

A: Our program covers the cost of food, equipment, and maintenance. If you have structural issues in your bathroom due to your tuna, we take care of those repairs. The only cost to our farmers is the water which, due to our efficient filtration equipment, is often a negligible increase to your average utility bills.

Q: Does it pay to be a farmer?

A: With our focus on community and sustainability, we keep our operating costs as low as possible. We offer no monetary compensation to our farmers, but many of our partners provide incentives to our community to show their gratitude toward our program.