Become an Urban Farmer

Our farmers are the most important element of our program. They're on the front lines of our tuna's health and safety and therefor our consumers' heath and safety. We have proud farmers from all different backgrounds and in a wide range of living situations. If you're interested in joining our program, please take a moment to tell us about yourself. Please be aware that when you submit your application to us, we're going to ask you to join our email list. We send emails less than once/week, but we wanted to tell you first.

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Your Bathtub
Tell us about the space your tuna will have.
Measured from the two furthest points.
Measured between the two widest points.
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Is your bathtub equipped with a jacuzzi? *
Do you have more than one bathtub you intend to use?
If yes, we'll reach out once approved and get details for the additional bathtubs.
Tell us about your home
Do we have to deal with your landlord?
Weekdays give us a good idea. Everyone's got their own weekend plans. Include overnight sleeping time, too.
Do you have any pets? *
Only include pets that are free to roam the house, including the bathroom.