Content Guidelines

  1. No profanity, lazy innuendo, or derogatory comments. When in doubt, err on the conservative side.
  2. No negative reviews or bashing of any establishments. Negative experiences are excluded from the site. 
  3. In any published piece, all parties must wholeheartedly support the existence of BathtubTuna without hesitation or ambiguity. 
  4. If a subject is in a character, all final pieces must be edited to maintain character integrity. Outtakes will be handled independently and their outlet is TBD.
  5. Credit as many sources and partners as possible. If an interviewee brings up other organizations, include links to those organizations in the piece. 
  6. Photos and videos should be "prosumer quality." No handheld, shaky clips. No blurry, poorly exposed photos. If using a cell phone, use care.
  7. All pieces should include recognizable photos or footage of establishment signage. 
  8. No fake names. Fake titles or positions are acceptable (and assigned, in some cases), but real names must be used. First names only is fine.

Legal Notes

  1. All pieces are liable to their respective Producer. Copyrights of each piece belong its respective Producer. A Producer may have any of his/her pieces removed from the site at their discretion. Any royalties from a piece are the sole property of its Producer.
  2. All featured people and locations must be properly released using the Release Forms


Articles and Reviews
Articles should highlight the defining partnership with BathtubTuna, but also give credit to the additional accolades, accomplishments, products, services, and community participation of the organization. Articles can be given "Clickbait" titles to encourage social sharing. Articles should include relevant and authentic photos to compliment the written content. While there's no cap on length, pieces must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Include links inline with content when relevant, and all extra links at the end of the piece. 

Short Videos
2-4 minute videos should feature BathtubTuna reps interviewing owners and staff and interacting with the products or services of the organization. Showcasing the locations, food or services, and staff, the videos will highlight features of the establishments while maintaining a narrative about BathtubTuna partnership and innovation. Links from interviews should be included in the video description, and used sparingly onscreen. Videos must be edited to include branding intros and outros. 

Longform Podcasts
20 minute audio podcasts open the door to deeper conversation and insight into local establishments. Guests can tell their stories and inform listeners of future events while branching a little further from the BathtubTuna partnership discussion. Any notes and links should be included in the description.